Black Lives Matter – 6th June 2020

Black Lives Matter

Today is the 6th of June 2020. Today is a day when, all over the world, thousands of people will come onto the streets in hundreds of protests, despite coronavirus, despite the risks to themselves, to shout that Black Lives Matter. Today is also the 76th anniversary of D-Day. Today…

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No, I Won’t Be A Friend To The Right-Wing

Soon after Donald Trump was sworn in as US President, I wrote a piece entitled No, I Won’t Help You Build A Bridge, explaining my exact feelings on calls for creating unity with those who would stand aside and watch the deaths of people I love. To summarise — I…

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If You Are Afraid: The Sun Will Rise

If, like me, you are afraid: You are braver than you know. Already you have faced so much, and you have pulled through. You are strong enough to face this, too. If, like me, you are overwhelmed: Breathe. Just breathe. Be present in this moment. This is the only moment…

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