About me

I’ve never met anyone who likes hearing the words ‘So, tell me about yourself.’ Nevertheless, I gather that it’s customary for a writer’s website to include a bio page, so here goes nothing.

A kind soul on Twitter once called me ‘red-headed dragon girl’. I don’t have a Twitter account any more, but I’m keeping red-headed dragon girl.

My profile picture was taken in 2011. I’d like to update it, if only someone could take another half-decent photo of me.

I write fantasy fiction. I also occasionally blog (both here and on Medium) about writing, feminism, mental health awareness and anything else that happens to be at the forefront of my mind on a day I feel up to writing a blog post. I’m told that I ought to keep my blogging and my fiction writing separate, but if I can’t get it together enough to run one Twitter account I certainly can’t manage two.

Anything else? I guess it’s considered normal to mention that I live in the north-east of England with my husband, hereafter referred to as Himself. To relax, I take long walks, play the piano, crochet, and I read. I read a lot.

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