Short stories

All of these stories are set in the same world as The Risharri Empire books; however, they do take place in different countries and different periods in history. Two of them (King’s Men and Silver) directly introduce characters from The Risharri Empire. You can read them online, or download them for free from Smashwords.

King’s Men

King's Men - a short story by Karen de Lange

‘The narrow stretch of grass separating the chapel from the cloister had saved it from the fire, but not from desecration…’

Mick and Aidan are mercenaries on a simple errand – collect the third member of their crew and report back to the king. What they don’t know about is the surprise that awaits them at the end of their journey. One that will force them to fight for their own sakes for the first time.


Longest Night

Longest Night - a short story by Karen de Lange

‘Now is the darkest time of the night; the darkest time of the year…’

The festival of Longest Night is Bryony’s favourite time of year. However, this year will be different from any other, as a newcomer to the village reveals something that will change her view of the world – and herself – forever.



Silver - a short story by Karen de Lange

‘We are the priests of Arandarta, Caitria. We deal with the dead, not the living, and while we do not seek to hasten death, nor do we attempt to prolong life. The goddess comes for all of us when she will, and the Book of Nine states that she has no need of healers among her servants.’

As snow blankets the city she lives in, Caitria seeks refuge in the temple of the goddess of death. While stranded there, she seeks to change the minds of the brothers, to convince them that one day she too will serve their goddess.

The Dance

The Dance - a short story by Karen de Lange‘My father paid dearly for my education. He will pay yet more…’

Some might say that a princess always has an easy life. But what value is an easy life if the price is freedom? Princess Zahrah takes the weapons she has – her intelligence, her education and her beauty – to embrace her own destiny.


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