The Risharri Empire

The world Risharr is in (Risharr is the big northern continent) is a world very like ours on many levels. People fight and scheme and misbehave, and they also love and laugh and indulge in random acts of kindness from time to time. They invent gadgets to make their lives easier, and play at politics to make their lives more interesting. However (there had to be a ‘however’), there are differences. There is magic, for a start, and there are dragons in the mountains.

As a life-long fantasy addict, I often wondered why the presence of magic in a world seemed to bring everything to a technological and scientific halt. Just because maybe one in ten people can light a fire with a snap of their fingers, doesn’t mean everybody else is going to be content using flint and tinder. Someone’s going to come up with the safety match at some point. This is the basis that I built the world of Risharr on – that, and Celtic mythology. I do have a soft spot for Celtic mythology.


So this is the world I created, as it stands at this moment in time. It was different in the past, and no doubt will be even more different in the future. But it’s my world, and I love to spend time there. I hope that you will too.


The Risharri Empire book 1

Beneath Starlight

War has engulfed the continent of Risharr for two decades. The vast empire of the Associated Sovereignties has tried to crush the rebels of Cera, but the two sides have reached deadlock.
Stripped of citizenship and exiled for a crime he did not commit, disgraced former officer Liam Colley now lives an isolated life, desperate to return home.
Ostracised for her phenomenal magical ability, thirteen year old Aleysa yearns to start a new life far away.
When they meet it seems that both of them will get a chance to start again.
But Aleysa’s magic makes her the most valuable person alive – and both the Associated Sovereignties and Cera will do anything to win her loyalty. It is up to Liam to keep her safe.

Beneath Starlight is available now.


The Risharri Empire book 2

Eyes of Shining Gold

The war between the Associated Sovereignties and Cera grows more bitter by the day.
Liam Colley, general of the Associated Sovereignties, fights alongside his men in a desperate attempt to turn the tide.
Over the border in Cera is Aleysa, the girl he rescued from poverty. Coerced into using her psychic gift in ways that do not sit easily with her conscience, she seeks any opportunity to escape the country.
Thousands of miles away, the Empress Cassaya fights for her life against an illness none of her healers can cure. If she dies, the Sovereignties will crumble.
None of them realise that another faction is about to enter the war. They call themselves the Crommenach, and they have just one aim – to stay alive, no matter what the cost.

Eyes of Shining Gold is available now.

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