About me

As the daughter of one librarian and the granddaughter of another, it would be fair to say that the love of books began to be instilled in me as soon as I was able to focus. I grew up in a house with books in absolutely every room, and first earned the title of ‘bookworm’ at around six years old.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that I started writing my own books at the age of eight. I won’t say that I wrote anything good at the age of eight – indeed, I hope that those stories are gone forever, and never come back to haunt me. My writing began to improve as I realised that I would likely produce much better work if I wrote what I wanted to read, rather than what I thought other people wanted to read – in my case, character-oriented fantasy with a dash of magic realism.

When I was seventeen a tall, quick-tempered man called Liam Colley walked into my head and said hello. I liked him straight away, which was fortunate as he turned out to have a lot to say. He’s real to me, and that’s what matters. He began telling me stories about the world that he is from, and I started writing them down for him. You can find out a bit more about his world here.

The first two novels in The Risharri Empire sequence, Beneath Starlight and Eyes of Shining Gold, are available now. Four of my short stories are available to download completely free, so what have you got to lose? You can find out about them, and where they are currently available, from my Stories page.

As for the other stuff, well… I live in the north-east of England with my husband, and I work in accounts administration, which is more interesting than it sounds, honestly. To relax, I play the piano, I knit, and I read. I read a lot.

f you enjoy what you find here, come on over and check out my blog on Medium.

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