Weekend Writing Warriors #2

Weekend Writing WarriorsI’m feeling a little anti-climactic. Last night I crossed the final item of my editing to-do list for Beneath Starlight, and now I’m at a loose end. Technically I shouldn’t be, of course. While I’m waiting for final thoughts from friends who are reading it, I should be setting up my sole-trading publishing company, starting with naming the flipping thing. (All suggestions gladly considered.) I should be polishing the synopsis. I should be starting to write the next part of the story. Failing that, I could at least do some housework.

In the spirit of trying to make myself a little bit excited about having actually finished, here are another eight sentences from chapter 1! Yay!

The doors to the throne room were already flung wide as Her Blessed Highness Empress Cassaya strode down the hallway towards it. In her wake trotted a plethora of personal attendants and she wore a gown of cobalt blue – the colour of the royal house, the colour that, within the palace, only she was permitted to wear. She saw no reason to downplay her majesty for this particular audience.
Two men guarding the doorway, dressed in the black uniform of the Royal Guard, snapped to attention as she approached. She swept straight past them and on into the throne room.
The Ceran ambassadors were already on their knees in the middle of the room, their hands roped behind their backs. Half a dozen alert Royal Guards surrounded them.
Cassaya’s servants took up positions stationed around the walls of the room; two of them climbed the steps to the Sapphire Throne ahead of her, ready to help her seat herself.

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  • Terrific detail, Karen, as always! =D

  • Teresa Cypher

    Kudos for wrapping up “Beneath Starlight.” I think I’ve read snippets of this from sixsunday. Cassaya sounds familiar, but I can’t recall if she was a tyrant. Seems to be in this snippet. I’ll be watching for more!

    Naming your sole trading company? “Soul Trading Publishing” or “Traded Souls Publishing”. I know, just a spin on sole/soul.

    Good to see ya here! 🙂

    • Thanks Teresa! I wouldn’t call Cassaya a tyrant, but I’d also advise you not to cross her. Ever. I hadn’t thought of being literal about the company name – definitely something to mull over there.

  • Cindy Amrhein ( HistorySleuth)

    You set the stage well for something very important about to happen. Congrats on the milestone of completing edits. (Doing some of that myself and look forward to the end. 😉

  • Carol Duff

    What a regal entrance! What is the connection between the personal attendants and the blue gown or was it only to keep the sentences at 8? What had the Ceran ambassadors or their country done?

    • I don’t know that I could answer any of that without giving too much away! Thanks for asking, though!

  • Sue Ann Bowling

    Somehow the ambassadors don’t sound like normal ambassadors.