Beyond reading – the art of the book

What are books for? Reading, writing, transporting us to other universes and mysterious lives, eliciting squeals of excitement because that book by that author has finally been released and we cannot wait to get it home and dive right in (just me?), making us laugh and cry and question our values and look at the world with new eyes…

For making art?

Indeed so, for the art of book sculpting is alive and flourishing. In times gone by, when all books were monetarily valuable and treated with reverence, such a thing would not have been possible, but in the age of digital printing and the mass-market paperback there is no squeamishness about repurposing a block of printed paper into something new and delightful. To celebrate the idea of doing something new with something old, here are a few of the best artists working today with altering books into something breathtaking.




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