Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing WarriorsNow that Six Sentence Sunday has come to an end, it’s time to welcome a new Sunday blog-hop – Weekend Writing Warriors, set up and run by Dana Renelt, Teresa Cypher and Marcia Kuma. It works on the same principles: post a snippet of your work on your blog on a Sunday. And that’s it.

As it’s a fresh start, the best place to start is at the beginning. So, here are the first eight sentences of my debut novel, Beneath Starlight.

It was not the light that woke her. The light, bright as it was, was still not bright enough to penetrate the thick drapes on the windows and the velvet curtains surrounding her four poster bed.
To the sound, however, curtains and drapes were a mere formality. It tore through them like thunder, like earthquake, like the world was falling apart.
The young woman sat bolt upright, the sheets falling away from her body to lie in folds across her lap. Gods, what a noise! The echoes still sounded outside, bouncing off the distant buildings. Closer by there were running footsteps, and closer still an insistent knocking on her door.

Beneath Starlight is due for publication within the next three months.

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  • Sherry Gloag


  • Sara Barnard

    Love the imagery!!!

  • Oh good luck with the publication! It’ll do well, I’m sure 🙂

  • Teresa Cypher

    This is good! You painted a good visual, but it didn’t get in the way of the action.
    And who is knocking on her door?? Excellent– that you’ve made me ask that question. Well done!

    Thanks for the very kind mention, Karen.

  • Brenda Ashworth Barry

    Great visual and makes me wonder who is at her door. Enjoyed this very much.. 🙂

  • Dana

    So smooth and elegant, Karen, I highly admire your technical skill and the imagery, well, let me just say that it sparkles with creativity. Well done!

  • Clare Davidson

    A very intriguing opening, it really hooked me. I liked the personification of the noise–made me wonder what it was. An explosion, maybe? And who’s knocking at the door?

  • Veronica Scott

    I need MOAR! I’m totally hooked – what is this sound??? LOL, such a great excerpt!

  • Sue Ann Bowling

    Great use of the sense of hearing.

  • Sarah Ballance

    You have an amazing voice, Karen!